Saturday, April 29, 2006

It doesn't make sense

What is it about religion which turns otherwise human beings into beings of irrational hate and suspicion? Is it the religion which makes people this way or is it people which make religions? Religions which can be used to justify bigotry and prejudice.

And I really do not get it with the Christians? When their God-man talks about love and also talks about those being without sin being those who can cast the first stone? Why is it, that they use their cross as a badge of pride in their unnatural hatred of fellow men?

I am thinking about homosexuality. Jesus never mentioned anything bad against homosexuals. Back in Leviticus,a book of the older Jewish religion,it said that homosexuals ought to be killed and that if they are killed it is their fault for being homosexual, but this is a long long way from anything which Jesus was supposed to say or think.

Yet, we have the Church of Rome, and no doubt many strange fundamentalist sects actively encouraging people to look on homosexuality as something bad, as a sin. So much so that many parents under the influence cannot accept their sons or daughters and their chosen loved ones. How very very sad. It is this religion, a force so strong, it seems, which can come between their NATURAL love for their child and kill it.


We have a four year old visiting at the moment. He saw a photo of the two men, with their arms around each other, and another of them kissing. He pointed them out to his mother with a funny laugh on his face. His mother smiled back. No big deal. Easy for a four year old to understand, two people being affectionate to each other. Its what he knows.

Try to tell him about a god who is one and also three, a father, a son and a holy ghost, and a god-man who dies a bloody death on the cross and comes back alive again two days later and sticks around awhile before disappearing again,and I think he will have a far harder task to work this out and accept it.

In the meantime, it was Queen's Day. Cold but sunny and mostly dry. Not so orange. Saw lots of people we knew. Had a drink or two. James and I went into town for some (good) live English rock music. The road outside is a mess, but it'll be cleaned later.

Lekker belangrijk, as we say here.

Futher,it should be told that the magpies came back in the morning and raided the nest,killing the young blackbirds and destroying their nest. There is an eerie silence outside. The balcony which had ben fullof life and filled with the promise of new life to come is deserted, empty, quiet. Sad.


Blogger Aaron Navrady said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog

Here's my two cents if you don't mind

I think the problem the church has with homosexuality has to do with the various references in the Bible to homosexuality as being a sin.

Now the Bible is, well, kinda old, and many of the views were those of first century middle eastern writers, later collected at the council of Nicea in the second century (I don't mind people correcting me if they have some facts on this matter)

Christians, theologians, scholars, historians etc. have been working since then to comprehend what the Bible is saying about the nature of God and Christianity. Is some of the Bible's information dated? Has meaning been lost in translation? What are some original meanings of words? Are the values presented still valid today, or have they changed based on what we know? There have been many opinions on the subject for sure

The problem lies in the fact that many Christians make the Bible the focal point of their faith and spiritual guidance (It's very handy to have a book with all the answers) and as the last word on God's will. This can be tricky if one understands the book very literally (many will argue with me on this, I know) It takes a lot of effort to read all the scholarship, as it does to listen for God's voice for guidance(many opinions on what that is as well)

I think that in focusing on the book, many miss the fact that homosexuality is not a choice, and that it is a perfectly healthy expression of human intimacy for those who are gay/lesbian/bi. There is evidence of this everywhere, in millions of people's lives, in medical/psychological studies. And there is real evidence there is no harm to children either.

So I think it extends to the broader problem of how the Bible is interpreted, and what role it plays in the expression of Christianity and its values.

I'm still trying to figure out why Christians can be so hateful...

the end (sorry for the length. You're probably thinking, oh my god I just write this blog for fun, geez...)

27 December, 2007 21:02  
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