Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The not such good news...

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... is that Amsterdam Anders/De Groenen lost most of their local seats, including the one in Oost/Watergraafsmeer last night. A pity, every district needs its green voice.

Further, the leader of the VVD, the right-wing (so-called) liberal party resigned last night. The paper mentioned they might go for that silly Verdonk woman as the new leader.. would they be so stupid? Anyway, at least she has put off her decision on sending back the gay Iranian asylum seekers while her department gethers more information, thanks to the publicity and the opposition from the other parties.

(She was interviewed on TV last night and she said she did not think she was good enough for the job.. finally a bit of self-realisation!)

On to the next big election in Europe... and will there be a big protest vote against Berlusconi, like there was last year in the regional elections? The Italian parliamentary elections are on 8 th and 9th April.


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