Thursday, March 09, 2006

Even worse news

Where ARE we?
Where ARE we?
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Yes, indeed.

The seat which Amsterdam Anders/De Groenen thought they had won at the last minute on Tuesday evening eventually went back to Groen Links. There were only 15 out 490 polling stations to be counted and despite winning 2% of the vote, they have lost their seat. A seat which Amsterdam badly needs.

The city is now in the hands of the PvdA, which is bent on building houses everywhere, including the sports fields down the road, next to where I train.

Any joy at seeing the incompetent, bitter-and-twised Annelies van de Stoel lose her place as the leader of the city centre council is tempered by the fact that her successor is a woman who seemed to be obsessed with removing flags from the city centre.... while LARGE multi-nationals are allowed to place mega size adverts all over the place, usually on scaffolding, set up when restoring/painting the fronts of buildings.

Looks like more of the same, after all. Only worse, at least as far as green issues go. Maybe time to go and live in the countryside.. they can't cut down ALL the trees there, surely?

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