Sunday, January 08, 2006

Riding the range

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This is a photo of me on a grey horse in Uspallata, Argentina, not Hogsback, SDouth Africa. This is because yesterday teh weather was in fact too bad (misty and rainy) to take pictures and also because my camera seems to have packed up... from one minute to teh next not being able to register a picture, it seems. Much teh same happened with my previous Sony Cybershot camera. Both had had planty of use, but that's no excuse.

The ride, on another grey horse, this time part Apaloosan, and very big, together with Renee was good, despite the rain. It was on a very remote farms in the hills above Hogsback, which took ages to find, along very very bumpy roads past very large cattle ranches. The views looked like Scotland with the heathland and bogs and marshes, and then also a bit like Argentina with willows growing in the valleys. There were many birds including the very colourful Red Bishop and Yellow Weavers, as well as the spectacular Widow Bird, hovering over the reeds with its very very long tail! Also very many kestrels, the odd heron and some very loud Ibises. The animal life consisted of a herd of twenty very playful and exotic looking Black Wildebeest (with white tails).

We also managed a couple of long canters which turned into gallops, which is always fun!

Back in Hogsback, all teh hot water had gone from the showers as everybody had come in soaking wet and the clothes never dried the whole night either, while the rain kept coming all night long.

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