Sunday, October 23, 2005

Omo sunrise

Omo sunrise
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Discussing with Fred just now about what we liked most about the trip, I had to say that I was amazed by the beauty of the sites we chose to camp along the river. As mentioned before, all were marked by one or two magnificent fish eagle, and most tended to be on a bend in the river, many near rapids, with fast flowing water streaming through, throwing up waves onto the black sandy beaches.

On the first night, we camped by a large pool of water, which turned out to be the home of a hippo, who kept his eye on us the whole night, every now and then letting off a large snort.

At another site, strange noises were heard in the night and there were fresh footprints in the sand of a large cat.

Towards the end we had a couple of clearish evenings, where we positioned ourselves with views for fabulous views of the full moon rising in the early evening and sunrises in the early mornings (we were up that early).

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