Thursday, October 27, 2005

Off into the wilds again

Colourful mountains
Originally uploaded by CharlesFred.
Missing the outdoor life after a week away from the Omo we have arranged our next little adventure.

Tomorrow we take a Toyota Land Cruiser up to Debark in the Simien Mountains where, with some help from Peter from the Belegez Pension,. where we are staying at, we will arrange for a guide, a scout (the one with the gun!), some mules, a mule driver, a cook, camping gear and FOOD for a two day/one night trek into the Simien Mountains. They are said to be beautiful, very beautiful.

On Saturday evening we wil arrive in Axum, where we are looking forward to seeing the Obelisk, which had been stolen by Mussolini, but which was returned earlier this year (or was it?). Hmmmm.....

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