Friday, September 30, 2005

Greater Somaliland

It is a strange thing when you have an area of land, mostly bushy scrub, wadis, hills, fit for camels, sheep and goats, and a long coastline, which is inhabited by one people who speak the same language, who follow the same religion (even sub-set of the religion) .... that it has to be divided into five countries, namely Somaliland, Somalia, (Northern) Kenya, (Eastern) Ethiopia and (South-Eastern) Djibouti.

We passed through a large tract of the Ogaden on our journey to Dire Dawa and it was just as I imagined, nomad country, from stories, boioks, photos and so on.

Tomorrow, we take a bus down to Jigjiga, capital of the Ogaden.

Tonight, the hyaena man.

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