Friday, December 28, 2012

Nomadic women from Ayvacık

These colourful women were seen at the weekly market of Ayvacık which takes place on Fridays, a day after the weekly market in the similar sounding town of Ayvalık. These women were dressed differently from those we saw in Ayvalık and tended to have slightly darker skins. Their colours reminded me a bit of the hill tribes in notheren Vietnam. Anyway, as said before, Turkey always tends to surprise in one way or another and normally in a very pleasant way.

We took a car out for the day, driving north up past the dreary towns of Burhaniye and Edremit (where there was a nasty smog in the air) and across west to Kucukkuyu, over the hills and inot the pleasant market town of Ayvacık, where, luckily enough we came across the weekly market! Then it was down through sheep and goat country to Behramkale, the former ancient Greek Assos, which was also a place we had visited and stayed at on our journey 21 years ago, about which Fred has slightly better memories than he had of Ayvalık.


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