Thursday, February 23, 2012

South Africa - Fred and Charles at waterfall in Hogsback

Here we were in South Africa six years ago, in 2006. Although there has been much progress here in the past six years, certainly with the building of modern houses in the townships, internet does not seem to have become any faster meaning that it has been impossible to upload any pics for the last few days, not that we haven't taken very many.

So, here we are on our last evening here, back at the Big Blue Backpackers Guesthouse in Cape Town, having just had a delicious ,meal at Mano's just down the road surrounded by pencil-thing local models. They must have been eating the green salad, by the looks of it.

Since we last posted on here, we have made it across the Karoo from Graaff-Reinet to the Karoo National Park near Beaufort-West. down to ostrich farming territory in Oudtshoorn, across to Calitzdorp, for a quick look in at De Dorpshuis as well as De Krans port winery, the further along to Montagu, McGregor and through another major storm around Worcester to Cape Town.

Today, we did the normal Cape thingies, such as breakfasting (late) in Camps Bay, paying a visit to the beautiful Sandy Bay before seeing the penguins in Simonstowm and watching the waves crashing in at Scarborough and the mist rising at Misty Cliffs.

Tomorrow a late flight straight back to Amsterdam, so we intend to visit the new football stadium, the Bo-Kaap area and the city centre before driving off for a late lunch in the Winlelands of Stellenbosch, all going well...

Saturday noontime back in Amsterdam and another temperature difference of minus 20 degrees. It has been a short visit, especially for Fred, but it has been fun and South Africa really is a very beautiful country with very many friendly people.


Blogger Bram en Marja said...

eigenlijk geen spatje veranderd.
de foto is nog

26 February, 2012 15:12  
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