Friday, June 03, 2011

Magic cakes for my pre-50th birthday party today

My Mum has arranged for a cake to be made for my pre-50th birthday party on Epsom Downs this afternon. However,, I could not resist ordering these Magic Cakes from Konditor and Cook in London to celebrate the day.

The themes are:

Red London Bus (for The Derby)
Mitzi, our miniature long haired dachshund
Queen - Pop Group and owner of the Derby favourite
Troy, my favourite Derby winner from 1979
Happy Birthday
CharlesFred in Flickr style
Somaliland, my birthplace
Flower Man of Tihama
Chicken (to mark my Mum's three chickens)
Camel, to mark my desert adventures
and Mary Poppins, such an inspiration to me for so many years!

After a cloudy start, the sun is bursting through, should be a wonderful day!


Blogger Philip said...

Happy birthday - tomorrow - 18th? A big one - hope you have a great day

18 June, 2011 00:49  

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