Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter lunch in Turin

Easter lunch in Turin, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

After two-and-a-half days of walking around Turin, and with the sun beating down, we decided we could treat ourselves to a nice Easter Sunday lunch. Mario had taken us to Piazza Filiberto Emmanuele for an ice cream the evening before and it seemd to be the right sort of place to go to find good food. We did very well, finding this place serving a gastronomic menu of local cuisine for a very nice price, whilst seated outside on the terrace watching the world go by. Just what we needd to rest our feet, not exactly what our already bloated tummies needed, by the way.

The menu above shows that we would be served:

Crudites with a nut sauce (with hidden anchovies which Fred detests)
Ham and egg in aspic
Rabbit meat
Sweet caramellised onion
Asparagus canneloni with cheese sauce
Tagliatelle with some minced bird meat and herbs
Goat cutlets and veal marinated in herbs

It was delicious!!!


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