Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dubai - hostel for Pakistani workers

Dubai has a very bad name of the way it treats the labourers from the Indian subcontinent. The labourers have built the tall buildings and the spotless metro system, the roads, airports, racetracks, golf courses, palm islands and so and yet are often treated like slaves. Foreced to stay in Dubai as they never earn quite enough money to pay for the trip home. Health and safety does not exist. Accidents happen, the labourers die and everything just continues. They are often forced to live in large and unsanitary compounds away from the eyes of the tourists which flock to Dubai in their millions.

However, there are some old hostels and living quarters still remaining n the old part of Dubai, such as ths, which I imagine are not too different from the places one might see back in India or Pakistan or Bangladesh. I like to think that the fishmongers and market salesmen one sees around town live in a place like this.


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