Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nailcote Hall

Nailcote Hall, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Ater the wedding, we made our way to near Covenrty, to this beautiful old house called Nailcote Hall. Here we would meet our Dad and Breda for a nice dinner at 6. Didn't get there much beforehand, so just had time for a short snooze and a freshen up before coing down.

I had put the films he had given me last year onto DVD's and asked the hotel if they had a DVD player and sure enough they did, so we were shown into the library where the dvd player was set up. We sarted off with the film of my Dad with his grandparents and aunties, not to mention his onw parents in their garden in Guildford from back in 1955. All was going well until the film stopped after about 7 minutes,... and the next film and the next film too... Despite all the stress of the previous couple fo days in getting this done, it did nto work in the end. Bloody technology! Anyway, Dad was glad to see what he did and it was nice to share it.

Afterwards we went for a quick photo session in the gardens before sitting down to a very pleasant meal, dowsed down with plenty of Tuscan Chardonnay (from Cortona).

The next day, the weather wasn't quite as good as we had expected but it was perfect for Richard, Thomas and I to play a round of golf on the par three course which they had in the grounds. I have never been too much of a golf player but I had great fun driving the ball - less fun in the putting departmemt unfortunately. Richard did very well and Thomas started getting the hang of it, being unlucky to have his balls landing in the bunkers or in the lake!


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