Monday, June 28, 2010

England lose 4-1, oh well...

England lose 4-1, oh well..., originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

t WAS exciting, even though England played so badly. So glad it ended up 4-1, instead of 2-1, after the goal FIFA stole from England.

CharlesFred says:
England are out, unsurprisingly enough.

At least there are some other teams left to support like these:

1 Holland, cos I live here and they are going to win
2 Argentina, cos I love the country and it is time to forgive Maradona
3 Ghana, cos they are African, like me!
4 Spain, cos they are good and they have never won before
5 Paraguay, cos it is a crazy mixed-up country - read (and download this book - it is great! e-Pig-Travel...

Can't be having any of the others

(late correction: it would be nice for Japan to do well, to take the hopes of another continent with them)

Ahmed AB says:
No Brazil on your list Charles?

CharlesFred says:
NO, Ahmed, they have won the World Cup more than enough times, don't play like Brazil any more and most of them are ugly. Plus I am wanting Holland to beat them on Friday.

What would your top 5 be now that England are out?

garethbee says:
Ghana to win - well it is a long shot but it would be so cool. With you on the Brat-zil thing!

Ahmed AB says:
But Brazil play very well and keep us entertained, my top five would be:

1- Argentina, cause I love Messi, Melito, and Higuain!
2- Brazil.
3- Spain.
4- Holland
5- Ghana.

I could have support Germany as well if they were not going to play against Argentina :-)

CharlesFred says:
Thanks, Gareth, that would really be so great, probably isn't going to happen but is a dream for a whole continent.

We are almost the same, Ahmed. Messi is great, isn't he?

Afrazov says:
I see no Germany on the list :D

CharlesFred says:
Sorry, Afraz, no. Apart from all the damage they have inflicted on England and Holland the last few decades, they kicked out Turkey in the last minute in the semi-final of the last European Championships and before that they kicked out Argentina in the quarter-final of the World Cup and in both cases had me losing my bets (Turkey at 70-1)... so, no, no Germany.

Afrazov says:
Well am I allowed to support them for the rest of the tournament? :D

CharlesFred says:
You can indeed, and you can support Steffi Graf at Wimbledon, if you like as well.

Afrazov says:
ha h ahahaha ha haha well C I won't tell you who I am supporting this year but just want you to know that I ain't supporting the sistas :D

seannyK says:
Oh poo, my director will be disappointed, he's been wearing the England jersey all week this week.

Elián says:
I support this photograph. My only problem is in what order I put Charles and Fred.

gary8345 says:
It was very disappointing today. Don't think England deserved to win, but upset my favourite, Super Franky Lampard didn't get his goal. I'd like a Holland vs Spain final if possible please.

hedgiecc says:
Sad England's out, but they never looked like winners anyway. As to who to support now, anybody but Germany will suit me fine! Have you seen their psychic octopus?

My special hopes are for Japan, Ghana, and Holland! :-)

troutwerks says:
Rah, rah!! Good list and great reasons.


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