Monday, September 25, 2006

What do our doggies say about us?

I have been around a lot of dogs this weekend and Fiona and I have just taken Thomas to school and taken two dogs for a walk in the park. It was raining so we spent most of the time under a tree chatting with other dofg owners whilst the dogs played amongst themselves.

There is a bit of discussion about dogs today in the media as a five month old baby was killed by two rottweillers at the weekend. The parents and owners of the rottweillers had left their daughter alone in the company of the dogs. The dogs had been trained as guard dogs and used to patrol the roof of the pub where they lived.

The dgos have been killed now and the media is talking about dangerous dogs and whether more breeds ought to be put on the list of banned dogs. However, it is clear in trhis case that the problem was not with the dogs but the stupidity of the parents. How about sterilising the couple to prevent them from bringing more hapless children into the world? Surely a more appropriate measure.

I was walking Bailey, a large male labrador with a penchant for barking loudly. We were walking up the hill to Thomas' school and I could sense that the mothers were a little bit on edge, as I was too. Not a good day for bringing dogs to school. Indeed, Fiona identified a mother who has a rottweiler who had left her dog at home today. Interesting.

Anyway, I will be going up to London soon and will pay a visit to the Natural History Mueseum in Kensington. One of the best in the world and, thanks to the Labour Government, it is free to visit.


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