Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Hello all,

Welcome to the Charles and Fred web-log to document our trip to Middle East and East/South Africa during July 2005 - January 2006.

We hope to be able to post stories and pictures and show links to the places we have visited along the way.

The rough plan is as follows:

late July - Syria
early August - Lebanon
late August - Jordan
September - Eritrea, Djibouti, Somaliland
October - Ethiopia
November - Uganda
late November - Tanzania, Zanzibar
mid December - Mozambique
late December, early January - South Africa

We are not planning to rush anywhere and we will keep our ears open for where the best places to go are, where it is safe and so on.

The flight back is not booked yet, but we are thinking to return from Cape Town on about 15th January, giving Fred a week to prepare for school on 23rd January.


Anonymous rob & solveig said...

Wise men travel. Wise words don't.
So have fun on behalf of all the rest of us and get back safely to tell us all about it...
With you all the way,
Rob & Solveig

19 July, 2005 21:18  
Anonymous Abdifatah said...

I was just checking the places you guys have and will visit in y'alls adventure. I see that you have Somaliland included. I happen to be from that unrecognized country, and I have just returned from it, exactly two weeks ago. I recide in the States. I just want to give y'all little tips on places to visit while in Somaliland. I think the Capital city is where ya'll be at most of the time. They have this nice 5 star hotel called Ambassador that has all the western comfort. You can also chill and relax at Star restuarant which has an outdoor eatery. You can visit the local Zoo. You can walk through the big open market where you can everything except a soul. Everything there is very cheap compare to other places you have visited. The exchange of the dollar is 6000 shillings to single $1.A bottle of coke is 300 shillings, that should give you a hint. Your dollar will go a long way in Somaliland.Got any questions, i'm more than willing to provide you with an answer.

15 September, 2005 17:29  

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