Friday, December 30, 2011

This will soon be illegal in Holland

As part of the deal done with the pathetic anti-Islamic right-wing party for racists and stupid people, on which he Dutch Government relies for its majority in Parliament, they are going to ban the burqa here in Klein-Klompenland. Apparently there are about 150 women in Holland who wear the face-covering veil on a regular bais. There is an economic crisis, the housing market, pensions, labour market all need reform, so the government wastes its time on this nonsense.
Obviously, this is not a burqa, but it is a cloth which is covering my face and you will soon only be allowed to do this by traditional Dutch activities such as carnival (for the Catholics in the south) and with skating (for the hardy guys up in the north, if this winter takes a grip)..

I will be covering my face in public more often as a result.


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