Monday, November 07, 2011

Under the knife

Under the knife by CharlesFred
Under the knife, a photo by CharlesFred on Flickr.

It is day two of the Slaughter Feast in Turkey, just starting in Pakistan. For the next few days, I will be uploading photos from the scenes yesterday from Okmeydani in Istanbul, where many bulls and sheep were put under the knife, so if you do not like blood and stuff, please do not come to this photostream.

Ritual slaughtering is due to be banned in Holland, due to pressure from the Animal Party and the anti-Moslem party, with controversial support from the Labour Party.

I cannot say I have ever been to an abbatoir in western Europe, so do not know how the industrial-scale killing of animals actually works, but I have seen photos and it does not look too nice at all. At least this killing is done on a one-by-one basis, with the butcher saying a prayer to his god before putting his sharp knife through the throat of the beast under him. A more natural and, dare I say, fairer way to treat the animal concerned.

These chaps came up from Afyon, way south of Istanbul, to earn some money.


Blogger sonja moser said...

compelling images! i have lived in Egypt for a while, and i agree that slaughtering animals like they do in the Middle East is much more humane than in the West. on this point the animal rights activists trying to ban that method are not informed. i have been to several industrial slaughterhouses in both Europe and the United States, and i prefer to watch a cow killed outside my window during Eid, than ever again witness the cruelty inside a western slaughterhouse, which is too traumatizing for words.
i love all your photography. thanks for sharing.

22 November, 2011 18:50  
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