Friday, October 07, 2011

Today's colour - jaune

Today's colour - jaune by CharlesFred
Today's colour - jaune, a photo by CharlesFred on Flickr.

France still has its national post service.

Elián (29 hours ago)
The comment sent me off to another one of my explorations. I had no idea this existed:
People in the U.S. (who tend to complain about everything), often criticize the Unites States Postal Service. I'm quite satisfied with it.

CharlesFred (28 hours ago)
Thanks, my friend. I thought that the post was still being handled by TNT, although PostNL looks like it is a subsidiary. It is a terrible terrible company. It sacked all its postmen and now only employs casual workers at the lowest of salaries, part-time, with minimum pension rights and so on. The staff are paid next to nothing and yet are forced by management to deliver as much post and advertising rubbish as possible just to keep their crappy jobs.

Elián (27 hours ago)
That's terrible! The average U.S. postal carrier (formerly mailman) earns $54,000/year. They also excellent benefits and a rather nice pension. Two of my friends (one a former professor of Italian, and the other a great pianist) worked for the USPS.

CharlesFred (25 hours ago)
I am pleased to hear it. No wonder you have such a high opinion of your postal service. We'd have been quite proud here, were it not for the continuous price hikes and degradation of its workforce - what we would quite commonly refer to as American-inspired work conditions.

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