Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saying our farewells in Istanbul - Arif and Fred

Arif is the best cook in Turkey and also the most hard-working one. He owns and runs the Nemrut Et Lokantesi in Beyoglu and the two of us can have a substantial meal there for 4 euros for the both of us. I will upload a collage of today's lunch tomorrow.

In the meantime, we have arrived home. With a water leak in the basement which has damaged all our LPs, many of our old photos and lots of other things, not to mention the nasty smell, it was not a great homecoming. Annoying letters from the tax man and bad news on the work front didn't make it any better. Bad news also about a dear friend of ours and the main thing is that things go well with her, more important than any destroyed LP sleeves...

But! At least the garden looks good and it was great to have Henk pick us up from the airport (after a rather dreadful flight).

I was hoping to go to the office tomorrow but with the water damage in the basement, I think I need to stay at home and help Fred out with everything which needs to be done.


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