Thursday, April 07, 2011

A taster for tomorrow: flowers from Tihama

After passing numerous roadblocks and being lengthily questioned twice, we finally made it down to Tihama near the Yemeni border today. Saw some amazing sights, some of which I'll be uploading tomorrow, all being well!

Hey hey! The GPS reading on this photo would have had us about 20kms from the Yemeni border. There have been problems in the past with unrest among the Houthis of Yemen and I think this is why the road checks are so vigourous.

Also 1,127 meters above sea-level. I was taking pics on the way back in the afternoon to see how high we had to climb from the wadis of Tihama to the mountain passes which brought us back to the plateau along which runs the Abha to Najran motorway.


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