Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ballabriggs wins the Grand National and I get the first, second AND fourth home!

Liverpool hero - Red Rum

FIRST and SECOND and FOURTH in the National!!!!!
1 Ballabriggs
2 Oscar Time
3 Don't Push It
4 State of Play
And not only that but my Mum and my cousin took my tips. Brilliant! And to think I had no confidence in my 'tips'!

As for the Grand National result, this brings us back to my first National of 38 years ago as mentioned above as the trainer of Ballabriggs was none other than the rainer of Britain's most famous racehorse ever, namely Red Rum who won the first of his three nationsl (he came second in the other two) on that cool cloudy day back in 1973! Here is a photo of Red Rum;s statue.


Blogger Hedgie said...

Well done! :-)

11 April, 2011 22:11  
Blogger Charles Roffey and Fred O said...

Yes, thanks! I suppose the question now is 'do I put all my winnings on Blue to win Eurovision?'

11 April, 2011 22:21  

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