Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Provinciale Staten verkiezingen

Tradition dictates that I upload one of these photos every time we have an election. Today we have the elections for the Provinces and the representatives get to choose the Senators in the First Chamber. This Chamber can block legislation passed by the Second Chamber. In this respect, they have the chance to stop a lot of the nonsense being proposed by the right-wing VVD abd CDA coalition which (like in Denmark) is being supported by a fascistic rtacist and predominantly anti-Muslim party, the PVV. It is important that the opposition retain a majority in the First Chamber. The polls close at 9pm and although we will have a good idea how the votes were cast this evening, the election to the First Chamber does not take place until 23rd May (no idea why it takes so long), so the eventual make up of the First Chamber may not be known for over 3 months. We just hope that the mathematicla result this evening is at least a loss for the hateful coalition of the small-minded.

As a Brit, I am not allowed to vote this time, but I would have voted D66 (as above) with Groen Links as a second choice - despite this latter party coming out top on Stemwijzer and KiesKompas. Good to see that all the coalition parties came right at the bottom of my lists.


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