Thursday, March 24, 2011

The future is theirs

The future is theirs, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Elián (18 hours ago | reply | delete)
I believe I have cited before the great Cuban poet José Martí, who said "Los niños son la esperanza del mundo." And they are.

CharlesFred (15 hours ago)
Thanks, Elian, I used to think such statements were bland, but they are so right.
It is comforting to see how the youth of Middle East and North Africa are rising against the dark forces created by the likes of our generation. I really hope they have the courage and conviction to succeed.

CharlesFred (15 hours ago)
In the context of Syria, where this picture was taken, I understand that The President has done many good things in keeping the country stable, despite the mix of races, religions and social classes within the country and I know that he is loved by many.
But this all comes at a cost, in terms of people who have been silenced and imprisoned for expressing their views and that is just not right.
I am really hoping there can be a peaceful transition to an open society where the rights of all its people are properly respected. I fear that the transition, when it comes, will not be so peaceful and I am also afraid that the country will be opened up to the world's multinationals who will rape the country economically.


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