Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aspects of Rijal Alma'a in Asir

Rijal Alma'a is one of the best preserved villages in Asir Province and is just down from the highest mountain in Saudi Arabia - which is 10,000 feet high. Being close to the big city of Abha (which is the other side of the mountain and which can be reached by cable car, appparently, it tends to receive quite a lot of visitors and there is a fascinating mueum many many local artefacts - see the next two pics). The buildings resemble very much those one can see across the border in the mountians of Yemen, whilst retaining their own style and character - note the decoration above the windows (alternating white and black stone).

Having been on a conference call in the hotel in Abha and having taken the long route here (the road down to Jazan and then up to Rija Alma'a), we got there a bit late in the day, but not too late for the sun to still be shining n these beautiful facades. I had another two more work related calls to make during our stay here, whilst receiving the unwanted attention from some local chap who kept following us/me around. Still, enough time to take in the wonder of this place and take a few photos.


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