Monday, April 26, 2010

The brutality of nature

The brutality of nature, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

We had just seen the duckling swimming past on the water as we ate a sandwich. A couple of minutes later he was flying back nin the beak of this heron. I didn't have the zoom lens today, but it is quite clear what is going on here... Who said they liked herons?

Afrazov says:

Oh no! This made me sad. Where was the lil ducky's mom? Did the Heron actually eat it? I still can't believe my eyes.

Stuart-Lee Pro User says:

That would be me Charles!! Poor duckling. I hope the baby coots survived our heron from last weekend. I always this kind of brutality much easier to stomach than the brutality by Man, to other people and to animals. I think it's possibly because we have more of a choice and a sense of ethics (so-called!)

friedkampes Pro User says:

Ik hou van de natuur, ik heb nooit gezegd dat de natuur alleen maar lief en idyllisch is... maar vergeet niet dat wij er deel van uitmaken

Ahmed AB says:

Maybe the lil duck lost her way back home, so the heron decided to take her back to her mommy! :)

koolgeek says:

May be !! is it the law of jungle or brutality thats the zillion $ question...... this is how the animal kingdom function.... i guess....

and i feel stuart is right we as mankind have some choice of what we do .... but for animal kingdom..... may be its how god created them....or its how they evolved.... do not know what to imply...

Afrazov says:

Yes does work this way. Agree with both Stuart and Vimesh. But it still saddens me, though for a very fleeting and short period but it still does.
So for now I'll stick with Ahmed's version :D

JRobFifty Pro User says:

Yes, survival.

seannyK Pro User says:

Aw Mother nature is such a bitch sometimes.

CharlesFred Pro User says:

I love Ahmed's explanation!

Anyway, it is not for nothing that ducks lay so may eggs and often have eight chicks in a brood. Moreover, the heron has to eat to survive. Althought this was a bit of a shock, I'd rather se this than a pet cat catch a wild bird.


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