Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Survival - by Lt. Gen. Russell L. Honore (US Army retired)

Lt. Gen. Russell L. Honore (US Army retired) gave us a talk on the Tuesday evening. He led the US Army's efforts to help people after Hurricane Katrina. He was very entertaining, if a little paranoid about the threats from disasters, but he has seen many at close hand, so to some extent he has a right to be. He made the very clear point that in New Orleans it was the poor, old and weaker people who suffered the most, as always seems to be the case when disaster strikes (witness the recent earthquakes in Chile and Turkey).

We were given a signed copy of his book at the end of the evening. I don't know whetehr I will read it or not (probably not) but there is no doubt that there are some snippets of very useful onformation.

Living under sea level, with a canal up behind our house, I imagine we should have some sort of dinghy in the garden or basement to be properly prepared.


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