Thursday, March 11, 2010

Having fun with the Somali children in Old Jeddah

It is always a bit of a risk giving one's camera to kids to let them take the photos, as a camera is hardly a toy. On the other hand the other children seem to enjoy posing for their friends and the photos come out looking very spontaneous.

These children went and got their Bugs Bunny-type masks to pose it, another time it would be Tom and Jerry masks.

Both times were joyous times happily imprinted on one's memory in what was a highly memorable few days in Jeddah.


Blogger leyla said...

I find this photo to be haunting and I am not sure why. It is partially due to the costumes but also partially due to the expression o the mask-less child's face.

12 March, 2010 08:20  

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