Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goodbye Atlanta

Goodbye Atlanta, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

CharlesFred said:

This is a detail from a very large and quite beautiful mural outside the Martin Luther King memorial centre. The point of the placard is that this man, a black man, is also a man and should be treate like a man.

When you see how black people are treated in America these days compared to fifty years ago, it does give one hope that similar changes can be made elsewhere.

iDLg responded as follows:

Charles, as a black man in america, i will say, sometimes the difference in treatment over 50 years (of which i am in age) is so very hard to see/experience, true dat, we don't swing from the trees as often, but discrimination, disfranchisement and distrust to name a few aren't all that different, yeah, we mo visible in social culture, but then again we always have been quite visible yet disrespected just the same; we americans have as of yet to let go of 'race' as real and intelligent basis of society, some 2 cents on this subject..
much respect..


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