Friday, February 26, 2010

The Bangladesh Cricket Club, Fujairah

I came across this cricket game when driving into the city of Fujairah. The pitch was dirt, but a full size and had been measured up for Twenty20. I made a U-turn with the car, as you can in UAE but by the time I was back, the pitch was empty. As it happened, the one innings had finished. I got talking to the chap in the photo below, the umpire as well as the one here in blue. Before the team took to the field, it was suggested that I take this team photo, which I did willingly.

This teaqm, the Bangladesh Cricket Club of Fujairah had scored a respectable 152 in the twenty overs and had to defend this total against the Indian Social Club of Fujairah. They didn't start too well as there were about 12 runs scored off the first over. After about ten overs I went off to try to get the photo developed and, sure enough, found a place which could print them within five minutes. I arrived back with two overs to go and about 15 runs to be scored. They got a wicket with the first ball and about three more in the last two overs. About three runs were needed off the last ball to draw, but they scored just the one, giving the BCC their first win of the season.

There not being too many British guys turning up to watch their matches, and still fewer giving the team a team photo, I was looked upon as their lukcy mascot and was allowed to give the man-of-the-match award (an old bottle of aftershave and a cup) to the chap second from right in the first row, who had put in a wonderful bowling performance.

A very rewarding way to spend the end of an afternoon.


Anonymous Subrata said...

Thanks Charles for uploading news for a Bangladeshi cricket team.

09 April, 2010 16:15  

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