Sunday, November 29, 2009

This week's beast

Geese and grafiti, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Opps! Looks like I have skipped another week on the blog! Maybe I can fill some patches in later. Where does the time go to? I seem to spend more than enough time on the computer but then without writing blog entries. Need to change my priorities.

Anyway, I captured this handsome fellow yestreday afternoon when taking advantage of a long break in the showers to go outside with my camera.

One never feels all that comfortable around geese and this photo was taken low down with a wide-angled lens, so I was pretty close. Thank goodness there was no trouble.

Fred had been away in Groningen for the weekend and came back mid-afternoon and shortly after we went out for our Sunday afternoon walk with the intention of buying a pumpkin to eat with our roast guines fowl dinner. Anyway, I left the hosue with a cheese sandwich and a piece of Groninger cake and before long we were walking past these geese again and guess what? They followed me around very persistently, hoping to score some scraps off me and they didn't exactly seem too friendly about it either.

I think one is safer around geese with a camera than with a piece of cake!


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