Monday, August 10, 2009


Trabzonspor country English speaking guide who pointed out many sights on the map. Mr Yahya. Full marks to Trabzon for employing the man!

The are many Byzantine churches which have been transformed into mosques after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered what was Trebizond in 1462, two years after he had taken Constaninople. In this respect, it is easy to see the continuation in architectural styles from churches to mosques, akthough they would lose their cross shapes, of course.

Further we were drawn into an area of old run-down brightly painted houses in a gorge underneath the remaining Roman Bridge, the Tabakhane, and there, inevitably we were drawn into taking photos of some of the children in the streets. This was how we met Hasan who would remain with us (and later with his frind Ozkur) for most of the rest of the day, after first providing us with tea and lunch...another free lunch...or is it really true that there is no such thing?
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CharlesFred Pro User says:

Seem to be missing the text before last wjicj included my quip that going from Amasra and Sinop to Trabzon is like going from Lyme Regis or St Ives top Portsmouth or, in an Italian context, from Cinque Terre to Livorno. Trabzon is a big city, laid out on hills facing the sea, fronted not by nice beaches or pretty fishing ports but by a large industrial harbour and container terminal. Although, to be fair it does have a bit of a nice front with tea gardens and fish/beer reataurants, where we would end up later at night with Hasan and Ozkur...and no further. No vodka natasha bars for us!

So here we are a day further on wondering what the day will bring. The sun is shining again and the sky is blue and one cannot always reckon on that here, so far east..


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