Monday, August 10, 2009

Street life in Tonya

Street life in Tonya, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

An odd selection of photos today of our jolly jaunt to Tonya. Internet cafe computers tend to be a bit slow in reading the memory dticks, so not always easy to pick which photos to upload.

Anyway, like I mentioned in an earlier post, it was a bit like returning to Albania, with the cloud cover, a village of brightly coloured apartment blocks, funny stares from many of the inhabitants, not too used to seeing foreign tourists, women in local traditional costume (few on the streets, most in the fields, woods or inside the home).

This is a candid shot of these chaps, sitting on the street next to the main mosque. The one on the right is quite a character.

Oh yes! The reason why I managed to upload some pics this evening is that it is a Muslim holiday today (not sure which) so all bars closed for the day and most businesses too whilst the mosques were packed to overflowing at 20.30 prayers.

Managed to find.a can or two of cold Efes ina shop and we are drinking the contents in our tiny room on the fifth floor of the Nur Hotel. I would think that travelling in the Muslim world during Ramadan would be quite dull...


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