Monday, August 10, 2009

Outsıde the baker's ın Tonya

Trying to persuade Fred to take a dolmus to Tonya later in the day...


Having a cola here in the tea garden of the Aya Sofia museum (ex-Byzantine church with vwery well preserved frescoes). We have walked through the bazaar and market and got away with only being dragged into a baker's for a photo session. We also visited the miserabe Russian market and came to the conclusion that most of the Russians must have gone elsewhere.teriible lot of knick-knacks. Also seen that the fishing port is not worth much of a visit. So the way looks clear for a trip to Tonya in the hills to the south-west of Trabzon,


At the back of the minibus to Tonya, travelling on the motorwat along the coast, first to Vakfikebir and then inland. To the right we have the sea with a series of seawalls and breakers laid out in T shapes of black rock. Every now and the a pretty harbour wall with fishing boats moored on the eastern side. As often as not there is a colourful beach on the western side.

On the left we have green hills of woods, gardens and orchards, with the odd house or block of flats built at just the right interval for them to anhance rather than crowd out the natural landscape. Looks a lot likt the hills around Cesena in Emilia-Romagna in Italy. Tonya should be about 20 kms into these hills and have few old wooden houses.


Following a white water river up a geen valley up towards tonya. Such a pity we cannopt take any photos as it is very beautiful. We are surrounded by groves (or orchards) of hazelnut trees, as this is a majpr growing area for them. Houses are perched high above us, all surrounded by well tended gardens, whilst the clouds have come ovee to cover the tops of the mountains. Real Black Sea coutry vistas here.


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