Monday, August 03, 2009

Our free lunch in Sinop

Our free lunch in Sinop, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

What started off as a leisurely walk in the bright sunshine of a summer's day in Sinop ended up with frantic visits to the Fuji Image Center to get photos developed and then given out to their subjects, or at least people who knew the subjects. Must've spent a small fortune today but it is always nice to give something back. not to mention the fact that we were given both lunch (in the form of fresh fruits) and dinner (chicken and rice, pide and ayran) and beer in return!

The dinner was courtesy of the father of the groom whose weddingcebrations we stumbled upon, attracted by the local band which was playing, dancing and performing in the street. Wonderful colourful stuff with rlly energetic pipe and drum music

So, no time for a nice scrub down at the old hammam behind our hotel, requiring me to have a whore's wash at the sink in the hotel's toilet, followed by a change of shirt and the customary eau de cologne in the bus.

Driving through the streets of Gerze, as the Muezzin calls the faithful to the mosque next to the bus station. Wonderful! And Gerze looks to be a pretty place too.


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