Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fred against a wall in Trabzon

We are at the airport, both fred and I with a change of tops. Fred's shirt was totally wet after this ten minute walk in the morning (followed by a chai session with the Kurds) and mine was wet after a day of scurrying around with photographs.

We could have gone to the touristic 'must' Sumela monastery today, as was the plan, but after the eexcitement of Tonya and Ayder, we decided on a relaxing last day in Trabzon. I was thinking of a trip to the hammam or at least a nice shave at the kuafor or berber, but time beat me. Fred was happy to spend his day in the shade of the tea garden next to some fountains and is, as a result, nicely relaxed and rested. Arriving at the airport an hour eraly also helps his demeanour.

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