Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fishermen bringing in the nets

We made it to Sinop and it took less than five hours. An interesting detour inland through green valleys sided by old beech woods. At the end here it lloked like Malaysia yet again with buffalos at the side of the road backed by rice fields.

Found a beach front hotel with a spare room at the back, ha ha. Now sitting down at Kale restaurant and within five minutes I have a plate of delicious looking chicken legs cooked in vegetables, bulgur and white beans in tomato and chili sauce, served with ekmek and cola! Great!


Lıfe ıs always enjoyable here. Time going by too quickly. Hope to load some more photos later today, just getting up from a short snooze here.


Not an internet cafe to be seen, just lots of photo shops, kuafors and avukat offices. No Efes-serving bars either, ıt seems..

Managed to get caught up in a heavy thunderstorm at the harbour though and had to hide under a wide bowed wooden boat while it poured down.

Came across a wonderful seen of about twleve fishermen pulling their black and maroon nets. Took a couple of photos but camera was on wrong setting, which was a pity.

I did find a bus service which leaves tomorrow for Trabzon at 20.00, arriving at 05.30 the following day, so we will go and book that now, as we look for some enticing blue signs...


Well, it turns out to be a green sign - for Tuborg at the Sinema Cafe. This immediately brings back memories to both fred and me of six years ago at the Halicarnas Disco in Bodrum. They enticed us in there with the offer of free beer. Very nice but when it is warmed up Tuborg, the last thing you want to drink on a sultry evening is beer...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this picture!
It is remarkable for its shading and content. You should think about making it a poster.

16 August, 2009 20:17  

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