Monday, August 17, 2009

The burkini makes it to Amasra

We believe this bikini for modest women was invented in Amsterdam a few years ago. They are just starting to make their way into Turkish beaches (pictured here in Amasra). Apparently the material used dries out in the sun very quickly. They are almst all to be found in the light blue, lilac and pink area of the colour spectrum, although you can get dark ones with floral prints as well/ I prefer these as they create such a colourful sight.

Some French mayor got very upset about this and banned a woman from a local public pool last week for wearing a burkini citing reasons of hygiene.

I think we, in the West are quite obsessed about the question of why so many Muslim women cover themselves up. Is it something forced upon them by their husbands? By the norms of their family/social group? By society as a whole? Or do they choose to do it themselves and, if so, why?

And, if it has been adopted by certain (growing strands) within Islam, why is this the case when by all accounts the call for women to dress modestly is little different to what is taught in the Torah and the Bible.

And back to the question of the burklini. Has it given women who might not otherwise been able to swim and play around in the sea comfortably the opportunity to do so now? Or, has it forced women who would swim anyway, the chance to cover themselves up better. Or, has it added to the pressure put upon women to cover themselves up?


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