Monday, August 10, 2009

Ayder resort with the mist coming down

A great success our day up to Ayden and back, the journey every bit as interesting as the destination, well better really. Saleh was up to the task of dealing with two (well one actually) demanding customers, stopping whenever we wanted and suggesting possible vantage points himself. He also held people in conversation while I tried to photograph them and so on.

Up at the top it was warm and misty which added to the experience especially when looking across at a high waterfall on the steep slope opposite. Many women in traditional clothes although it is very much a tourist and spa resort. Quite a few Saudi Arabian tourists up there.

On the way up we came across some tea ladies. They worked very fast with their manual shears to chop off the young shoots, which was a bit surprising as we thought they plucked them by hand. Maybe just in indonesia. Oh well...

Now we are back on the coastal motorway with the mountains of Georgia about 40 kms to the east as we head towards a lowering sun, the sea as calm as it was in the morning.


Thıs was about 4 pm once we had fınally arrıved up at Ayder which is about 5,000 feet up. We were stıll ın the mınıbus at the time so thıs was shot from the wındow. The other sıde was wonderful ... lots of famılıes pıcnıckıng wıth the mıst descendıng. Unfortunately by the tıme we got back down most of them had gone.. but there were plenty of other treasures to photograph.


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