Monday, August 10, 2009

A very pleasant way to come home...

This is funny! After a holiday spent travelling around in public transport and so on, we now find ourselves sitting in first class on our Turkish Airlines flight back to Amsterdam.

Very nice and I think this explains why we ended up paying so much for our tickets in the end when it turned out that I had only made a reservation when booking thr flights (instead of actually buying the tickets).. It is a pity nobody told us before as we had to wait 40 minutes to check-in as pleb class instead of waltzing right through business class.

The question now, at 8 am with a day's work ahead, is whether to accept the champagne if/when it is offered. Nothing so far...


In fact, Turkish Airlines is a bit of a dry airline, so it is unlikely we will hear corks popping.

As it is we are both quite tired after a short night and, in Fred's case,


Landed now and waiting for bags. Whata superb flight, slept deeply most of the way in the horizontal. Only problem is that Fred wants to fly first/business class everytime now, ha ha!

Its overcast but bright back in Amsterdam and we are being picked up by our friend Peter who has been housesitting for us while we have been away.


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