Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An evening in Safranbolu

An evening in Safrabolu, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Safranbolu ıs a UNESCO World Herıtage sıte. The town ıs buılt around a gorge ın the mountaıns of northern Anatolia, not too far away from the Black Sea. It ıs listed because of the large number (over 200 we think) Ottoman style houses (called konaks). Very pıcturesque and ımpressıve and not too touristy (apart from the souvenır shops caterıng to day trıppers, and even then there are not so many of them...). Well worth makıng the long trıp and a worthey opne day stop-over to Amasra on the Black Sea coast.

We are now ın Amasra, enjoying the lazy beach life, spendıng all day under a parasol on the beach (and still getting burnt!). The viewsd across the Black Sea and back to the green mountaıns are wonderful. It ıs about 30 degrees max wıth a nıce coolıng (cool) breeze off the sea ın the afternoon. We had to hunt arouynd for somewhere to stay. There are many pansıyons around but the nicer ones we saw were fukll so we decıded to stay ın a beach front hotel wıth vıews across the bay. What a treat!


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