Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kesji Tola sings 'Carry Me In Your Dreams' for Albania this evening

Euroviison finally came and went. Norway won by a mile, as we all expected.. this is what I was thinking during the day going into Eurovision:

Here are my favourites going into the last day, not much changed from my first list of a few weeks ago, although I had to find replacements for the two (Slovenia and Montenegro) which failed to qualify:

12 Bosnia & Herzegovina
10 Albania
8 Portugal
7 Ukraine
6 Spain
5 Iceland
4 Moldova
3 Estonia
2 Azerbaijan
1 Romania

I liked the Turkish song but I thought the semi-final performance was rubbish.

And... ANY song to win apart from Greece, which I really don't like (sorry).

BUT... Norway will win... easily...

So, I was right about Norway, but not much else...


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