Friday, January 30, 2009


Trunk, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

And on the same trip, I tried to capture the finenes of the ice crystals formed by the previous night's frost.. I think this is my favourite.


Blogger jason said...

First: That's a great photo! Then again, so many of your pictures are more than spectacular, more than engaging. That you share them is a gift.

Second: I wish I could remember how I found your blog. It was one of those moments when you search for something, follow a link, follow another link, follow several more links, then wind up in a place so far removed from where you started that you can't remember how you got there.

Third and finally: Having found you, I've spent the past several days reading from the first post to the most recent, and in that process I've enjoyed your travels, envied your experiences, and vicariously lived in the moments you've shared.

So thank you!

02 February, 2009 01:46  

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