Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The boy from Bulgaristan

The boy from Bulgaristan, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

I spent Tuesday in Dusseldorf with my German colleagues, discussing our new acquisition in Poland. It is about two hours by train, had a nice sleep on the way there.

On the way back, the train was half empty so I was a bit annoyed to see someone sleeping in the seat which had been reservied for me... so I moved up a few seats and was just making myself comfortbale when a Chinese woman came along and told me that I was now sitting in her seat.

So I moved on to another free seat and now I was sitting near a Spanish man who was putting his feet on the setas and snoring and then shouting at his wife sitting behind him... not much fun.

So I move up some more seats and all of a sudden I come across a group of young men from Bulgaria or what I now like to call Bulgaristan and they provided all the entertainment I needed on my way back to Utrecht, where I had a perfect connection to the Amstel Station, from where I cycled back home.

This chap looks so much like a character from a Piero della Francesca fresco.


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