Friday, August 01, 2008

Ohrid in the summer

Lake Ohrid - sexy Serbians, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

About 80 percant of the tourists in the summer come from neighbouring Serbia. Others come fom Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo. There are a sprinkling of tourists from Holland, UK and Australia. The streets are full at night, as are all the bars, cafes, restaurants and night clubs. All very good atmosphered.
There are some places backing onto the lake with nice vine covered terraces, looking out across the lake to the lights on the hills all around. It felt very much like Bodrum, just not quite as noisy and the beer is cheaper.
We noticed that the town had been spared the worst excesses of Communist architecture, although away from the old town centre there were some block like hotels built in those days - by the 'architectural mafia'. In those days President Tito had his summer house on a nearby shore and now the President of Macedonia also has a place nearby. In those days there were no bars and cafes, just communist-style mass restaurants serving pork and cabbage, at least this is what our waiter from last night told us.
New Macedonia seems to be altogether much better.
And now the world food prices have risen so much, it seems that the economy of Macedonia can improve. It is a small country with only two million inhabitants but has some very fertile soil and produces a surplus of agricultural products and some excellent wines.Fortunately, they do not seem touse too many pesticides, poisons and chemical fertilisers and the fields are full of wild flowers, enhancing the natural beauty of the countryside.

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