Saturday, July 26, 2008

Skopje in the rain

Skopje in the rain, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

This must be about the most depressisng place we haev been to on holiday for many a year. It is cloudy and rains some of the time. The people tend to be miserable and very unhelpful. Now it is Saturday, the free internet cafe is closed and the expensive commercial one is very slow and does not allow photos to be uploaded to flickr. It is 6 pm and everything is shut. I tried to print some photos but the computer did not accept my memory stick. I tried to buy CDs from the Eurovisiion artists but they are not stocked. The only decent place we have found in town to eat is closed already for the summer holidays.

We thought we would go to Albania so we bought the Albania guide, not the Macedonia guide. There is NO tourist information here and no books for sale in English. Info on bus times is hard to come by.
Tomorrow we may go to Kratovo in the east of the country or to Ohrid in the south, or to Tirana or to Istanbul...

Skopje is just how I imagined Yugoslavia to be like... grey....

At least we can look forward to meeting one of my favourite flickr friends this evening.

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