Thursday, July 24, 2008

Roma kids

Prizren - Roma kids, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

We met a street load of Romas (gypsies) here in Prizren today. We were met by a young chap called Ozzie who told us he was a Roma (bit not from Italy ) - from India instead he said..... He shopwed us around his street which was a hive of cartivity and there vwas even a Roma band playing music att someone's home. The Roma are much maligned and are the only people you see here who beg. However, these Roma had settled down near the outskirts of the city and had made their houses look very attractive.

Our friend told us that he had bene studying English at school and it was really very good. One of the chaps we had spoken to in the bar last night told us that he had been on a 'free' weeks English course recently. This had been organised by a group of American Protestants (again!!!). The course had consisted of reading and discussing the Bible. Obviously they are up to their old tricks of trying to convert ' light' Muslims to their religion, just as we had seen them doing in Diyarbakir two years ago,. Sad.

We did not find out who was providing Ozzie with his English course, but he was still a Muslim he told us...


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