Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Raspberry tiramisu

Pre-Pride - rainbow fruit, originally uploaded by CharlesFred.

Life isn’t really so bad sometimes. Two days in Grenoble and two times raspberry tiramisu? Can it get better than that? The sun even shined most of the times and the mountains looked magnificent.

Last night, I was working late at the office and then had a long wait for the taxi driver to find the office, a service he charged me € 18 for even before I entered into his taxi (nice one), so it was already after nine before I emerged onto the streets to find a bite to eat whereupon I realized it was a Monday night and most of the better places were closed. I eventually found a nice looking Lebanese restaurant with an interesting menu and delicious looking food on people’s plates. A charming waitress eventually found me and told m, with a big smile on her face that the kitchen was closed. It had just turned 9.30. So off I went round the corner to find a fish restaurant, asked if the kitchen was still open and could I sit at one of the tables outside. Which I did. I sat there for forty minutes and in that time I received a knife and fork, a jig of wine, stale brown bread and a plate of oysters. No water, no glass. After continually failing to catch the waiter’s attention, I walked away, found a place up the street, ordered a salad and was about to go home after a satisfying meal when I spotted them… the desserts in the see-through fridge. What were they? Tiramisu, coffee tiramisu and raspberry tiramisu. My goodness what a treat! The raspberry tiramisu… wonderful! The best dessert, certainly of this year, more than making up for the mis-haps and frustrations of earlier in the evening.

And the feat was to be repeated when going out for lunch with my dear friend M, from the office, this time preceded by excellent conversation, good service, some pleasant rose and a tasty main course.

Unfortunately, after an excellent start, which had me thinking I might have time to go for a nice walk in the sunshine, I got to the balance sheet and it all went wrong… oh well, its what I get paid for I suppose, just not sure when I’ll find the time to put things right.


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