Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not so Muslim after all...

Kosova is a country which is largely filled with people who identify themselves more as Albanians than anything else. The Albanian flag is more popular than their own Kosovan flag and they mostly speak Albanian. There are ethnic minorities such as Serbs, Bosniaks and gypsies, but over 90% are Albanian.

Most of them are also nominally Muslim, but this does not seem to mater too much. Most of the people we have met seem to drink, the women dress in the shortest shorts and skirts (more about the Balkan women another time) and we never once did hear the muezzin call, just seen a few older men hanging around the odd mosque. We met a lady today who was organising the restoration of the Fatih Mosque , funded by the government of Turkey and she told us that despite having been in Turkey three times, this was the first time she had ever been in a mosque...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fatih Mosque - i guess its named after Mehmet the Conquerer - as the word "Fatih" means the Conquerer in Turkish.

Not surprised the Turkish Govt is funding the restoration.

20 July, 2008 05:52  
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