Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yesterday was spent going to Gjakova, a plkace we had been warned was full of bad women... where we would have to be careful about being asked by new friends to joing them in a club. Fortunately this does not happen too ofdten... I am more often asked to join people on their tractor than go to a club. Anyway, it seems the clubs are full of Moldovan women offering their services.. although the price sems to vary from 20 euros to 130 euros depending on who you ask.

We had the bad luck to choose to be broughht to the Pashtrika Hotel (named after the nearby mountains). A big odd looking place which looked fairly central on the map. The reception was 'manned' by two very good looking well done-up young women, very chic. The entra\nce was very dark and we began to wonder if we weren't enetreing one of those infamous clubs... but no iot was a hotel and we had just bagen to make ourselves feel at home when there was a knock on the door, which we opened to find it was another woman. WE asked her to come back later. Well, that didn't takle very long we thought, but it tiurned out to be the cleaning lady who wanted to tell us that we had been put n the suite although we only wanted to apy for a room (at 10 euros a night cheaper). So, we had to move rooms to a much smaller one, with a very small bed, but a nice view out across the river to the bazaar on the other side and over towards the mountains.


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